COVID-19 Update: Queensland Changing Restrictions in December

The state is adding restrictions for unvaccinated people once it reaches its 80 percent vaccination target, expected on December 17.
COVID-19 Update: Queensland Changing Restrictions in December
November 16, 2021

As Queensland nears its 80 percent double dose vaccination target for Queenslanders aged 16 years and older, the state has announced its plans for easing restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated.

The easing of restrictions is expected to take place on December 17, 2021. Density restrictions will be lifted for any venue or activity where only fully vaccinated people are present. Individuals will still need to check-in to venues for contact tracing purposes.

While restrictions are being eased for those fully vaccinated, Queensland will be adding restrictions for unvaccinated people when the state reaches its 80 percent double vaccination target.

Restrictions for unvaccinated people

When the state reaches its the 80 percent double dose target, expected for December 17, unvaccinated people will not be permitted to:

  • access restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, taverns, clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues
  • access indoor entertainment venues such as live music venues, nightclubs, concerts, theatres, cinemas or karaoke bars
  • access sporting stadiums, theme parks or other outdoor entertainment facilities
  • attend indoor or outdoor festivals
  • access Queensland Government owned museums, galleries or libraries
  • visit vulnerable settings such as hospitals, disability care accommodation, residential aged care and prisons, with some exceptions for medical treatment, end-of-life visits, childbirth and emergency situations

If anyone participating in a wedding, including the wedding party, guests or officials, is unvaccinated, the wedding will be limited to 20 people maximum.

How to access proof of vaccination

Starting November 19, Queenslanders can link their vaccination certificate to their Check-In Qld app. Individuals can also use the following as proof of vaccination:

  • COVID-19 digital certificate from Medicare-linked MyGov account
  • immunisation history statement
  • international COVID-19 vaccination certificate

People can contact the Australian Immunisation Register if they need help accessing these documents.

Both staff and customers must be fully vaccinated to work or visit venues where these restrictions are implemented.

What will businesses need to do?

Businesses must enforce these restrictions by:

  • displaying the vaccination rules on premises
  • asking for proof of vaccination for customers 16 years old and over during check-in
  • asking individuals to leave if they cannot or refuse to provide proof of vaccination
  • calling the police if an individual refuses to leave the premises