COVID-19 Update: South Australia Is Ending Its 7-Day Lockdown

On Wednesday morning the state will lift Level 5 Stay At Home orders — with some restrictions still in place.
COVID-19 Update: South Australia Is Ending Its 7-Day Lockdown
July 27, 2021

After only one case of COVID-19 was reported on Monday, South Australia is ending the lockdown that required residents to stay at home, though a range of restrictions will still apply to businesses and events.

According to Premier Stephen Marshall, masks will be a key part of keeping the virus under control. "It really is one of our best protections," he said. "Even when you are with people that you know, high-level mask usage will be what gives us the pathway to lower-level restrictions in other areas." With this in mind, masks will be mandatory in crowded or high-risk settings, such as on public transport.

From 12:01 am Wednesday, the following rules will apply:

Restaurants and bars

Businesses including restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs can reopen with service indoors and outdoors. People must be seated when eating and drinking, and the capacity limit will be one person per four square metres (1/4 density).

Shisha, singing and dancing are still banned in these venues.


Non-essential and essential retail businesses can open with a customer capacity limit of one person per four square metres.

Entertainment venues

Cinemas and theatres can reopen while following density requirements, and people must wear masks.

Weddings and funerals

Weddings, funerals and other private activities may proceed with up to 50 people in attendance, and these events must adhere to the density requirements of the venue.

Further announcements regarding restrictions are expected to be made before the official end of the lockdown.

The Australian Institute of Food Safety (AIFS) is closely monitoring this situation will update food businesses with more information and updates as they are made available.