Horrible Hygiene Humbles MKR Duo Gina and Anna

Following the elimination of Anna and Gina from MKR this week, fans took to the airwaves and social media to complain about their lack of food safety.
Horrible Hygiene Humbles MKR Duo Gina and Anna
February 13, 2015

Social media was just one of the locations to receive an outpouring of disgusted comments recently after mother-daughter duo Anna and Gina demonstrated a number of food safety faux pas on “My Kitchen Rules”. 

The first couple to be eliminated, Anna and Gina from Canberra made a dramatic exit from the popular television show. However, the response that followed their departure was even more striking.

Fans of the reality TV cooking contest flocked to the radio and grabbed their keyboards to express comments suggesting that the show’s contestants were in desperate need of some “lessons in kitchen hygiene”.

Double-Dip Disaster

Alongside rejecting gloves for her Band-Aid covered fingers, viewers reeled at the image of contestant Gina double-dipping her spoon in the soup. One fan called into the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show with the phrase “would you like some saliva with that?"

Meanwhile, the official Facebook page for My Kitchen Rules was over-run with queasy comments. Kelly Cockshell wrote, “I’m sorry, but you don’t put the spoon back in after you taste test that is gross!!”

Kayla Dean commented, “All teams before they start need to go through a health and hygiene course.”

And Robyn Champion agreed, saying “OMG no wonder the ragout tastes bad… did you see all that double dipping going on! Send them home!!!”

The Response to the Result

All in all, fans seem to be quite happy with the result of MKR after the ultra-competitive duo announced their kitchen prowess with unwavering confidence and excitement. Many commented that the pair should have been more humble to start with after they announced that they’d be aiming for a serious score of 100 in their dishes and proceeded to fail drastically.

It seems that arrogance really can’t take the place of good old-fashioned hygiene.

If you’re thinking of trying your hand as a potential MKR contestant, and you don’t want to be named and shamed all across the media, we’d recommend grabbing a Food Handler’s Certificate before you get started. Better safe than sorry!