Hepatitis A Warning For Diners at Top Sydney Restaurant

Diners at a top Sydney restaurant are being advised to contact their GP after a food worker contracted Hepatitis A whilst travelling overseas.
Hepatitis A Warning For Diners at Top Sydney Restaurant
October 19, 2017

The NSW Food Authority has issued an alert for diners of a top Sydney restaurant after a food handler employed there contracted Hepatitis A.

Any diners who ate at Sokyo restaurant in the Star Casino complex during September and October are being advised to contact their GP if they have any concerns.

The food handler, who works in the 'hot food area' in the restaurant's kitchen, contracted the virus whilst travelling overseas. After being admitted to hospital with symptoms, hospital staff contacted the NSW Food Authority to advise of the issue after learning where the food handler worked.

NSW Food Authority performed a review the next day and concluded that processes and hygiene at the Sokyo restaurant are robust and that there was a low risk of anyone being infected with no ongoing risk to other diners.

This Hepatitis A warning is unrelated to the current Hepatitis A outbreak occurring throughout Sydney.

Diners who visited the restaurant on the following dates may be affected:

  • September 20th to 24th
  • September 26th to 27th
  • September 29th
  • October 2nd
  • October 4th to 8th

What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver that can be contracted by eating food that was prepared and contaminated by a food worker carrying the virus. 

First signs of the virus begin 14 to 28 days after eating contaminated food. Symptoms include lack of appetite, nausea, fever and stomach pains. Later on this develops into dark urine, pale stools and yellowing of the skin. There's no treatment of the virus but vaccines are available to prevent contracting it in the first place.

“Most people with Hepatitis A in Australia catch the infection overseas, through eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water or coming into direct contact including sexual contact with an infectious person,” Dr Sheppeard, Communicable Diseases Director at NSW Health, said.

What To Do If You Think You're Affected

Sokyo patrons who dined on the dates listed above should contact their local public health unit on 1300 066 055 or their local GP if they have any questions or concerns.