Cheese Producers Can Lower Sodium

A new ingredient can be added to cheese in order to reduce its sodium content. 
Cheese Producers Can Lower Sodium
April 5, 2013

It seems that innovative technology is coming out regularly in the food industries. The newest innovation has to do with cheese.

A new ingredient has been created by Chr. Hansen, a bioscience manufacturer, and it can be added to cheese in order to reduce sodium content. 

The ingredient is called SaltLite and it is made from enzymatic cultures. The result is a better tasting cheese that doesn’t contain as much sodium. The ingredient also seems to cut down on the bitterness in cheese, which will also help to provide a better product.

Up until now there have been quite a few attempts to reduce sodium, but none of them have been successful. This is the first time that anyone has been able to produce something that actually does lower sodium but doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality. This is good news because many consumers are willing to sacrifice their health for taste. By providing the good taste and by cutting sodium, SaltLite can ensure that consumers are choosing healthier foods.

All Natural

Of course, as with any new technology or ingredient, a concern immediately arises as far as safety. SaltLite is made from all natural products. That means it is completely safe for human consumption. The enzymes used in the product actually mimic the natural ingredients in the cheese, and that is why it is able to enhance the flavour instead of taking away from it.

The Problem with Salt

Almost any food will have a certain amount of sodium in it. Salt is used to preserve foods and to enhance flavour. However, when consumed in high amounts, it can be dangerous. In fact, there is a direct connection between eating too much sodium and high blood pressure.

According to the World Health Organization, each person should consume less than 2,000 mg a day. However, a study showed that the average person actually eats between 2,700 and 7,200 mg daily.

The SaltLite ingredient will actually reduce the amount of sodium in cheese by about 50%. The Australian government is encouraging sodium reduction in all types of foods. Now that cheeses can be manufactured with lower sodium levels, the next attempt in Australia is for savoury crackers. In fact, the government is working directly with manufacturers to create lower sodium foods. That means, consumers will be able to enjoy their favourite cheese and crackers without having to worry about dangers from high sodium content.