Australians Soon To Be Enjoying Organic Coconuts

Organic coconuts will soon be offered in Australia thanks to the islands of Vanuatu.
Australians Soon To Be Enjoying Organic Coconuts
June 7, 2013

Ask anyone and they will most likely tell you one of the healthiest food decisions that a person could make would be to choose organic foods.

At this time, more and more manufacturers of food items are making the attempt to provide organic options, but it is not the norm yet. One Australian item will soon be offered in organic choices thanks to the islands of Vanuatu.

What Exactly Are Organic Foods?

Some consumers may not understand specifically what it means when a food is organic. Essentially, this term has less to do with the item itself and more to do with how it is produced. In order to maintain the health benefits of the foods, the manufacturing process must include very few synthetic materials. In fact, items that do not use any synthetics to produce are the only ones considered truly organic.

What Does Vanuatu Have to Offer?

Vanuatu is the major supplier of coconuts to Australia. In fact, over 200 different plantations (the largest on the islands specifically) have been approved and certified as organic. The single largest of all the plantations, Plantation Russet du Vanuatu, is one of the organic producers that have recently made the conversion.

In fact, numerous food producers on the islands have made attempts to change the way they manufacture their edibles. The Vanuatu Sustainable Agri-Business Initiative has recently been put together to ensure more of the crops available through the islands are all sustainable and organic.

Why Choose Organic?

Unfortunately, many of the foods we consume every day have numerous synthetic ingredients. There are quite a few concerns about how safe these ingredients are in the long run, and the concern includes the manmade materials used to produce the food items. To avoid any long-term negative effects, more and more producers are turning organic. If you want to ensure everything you eat is natural and safe, then you can choose organic foods as well.

Soon, citizens of Australia will be able to enjoy truly organic coconuts and it all has to do with initiatives started in Vanuatu. While not all coconut plantations on the islands have been certified as organic, over 200 have, and chances are more will make the change in the near future.